The concept is tried and true in the snowbiking world and after many years of contemplation around the snowmobile world we are bring it across. Here are some highlights to having coolant heated bars.

1. alot of modern sleds have smaller coolers in an effort to lower overall riding weight. this results in a situation where the sled continually overheat on the trail. the heated bars do a very good job of bleeding off extra heat created due to icy trail condtions. 

2. how many times have you had a electric heater fail? retorical question, it happens often, especially if you change to an after market bar setup. never loose heat again. 

3. lessons the load on your stator.

4.on top of giving you best in class protection for your hands.  bashers protect your brake lever, resevoir and finger throttle if you run one. 

4. the bar bashers will not break off if you roll your sled or run it through the trees. I cant telly you how many times i lost a hand guard on the hill from roll over or clipping tree or branch while riding tight trees. these provide ultimate protection. 

Some concerns that have been raised by potential consumers. 

1. what if i bust my handle bars off? in my 30 years on the hills I have never seen a set of bars break, its always the steering post, does not mean it does not happen. if it did there is a valave to isolate your coolant line so you do not bleed it all out. 

2. how strong are the guards? as strong or strong than anything out there, we have gone through many iterations on material to find the best blend to use in sub zero temps.

3. How difficult is it to install? the final product will be very easy, splice in a tee for intake and return and all fittings are push connect. 

This product is still in beta testing this winter, commercially available next season, but if you want a set early there are options. 

heated bar walk around



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