Revolutionize Your Snowmobile Experience with Pin'd Performance EMX ASCENDER

Revolutionize Your Snowmobile Experience with Pin'd Performance EMX ASCENDER

When it comes to conquering the snow-covered trails and mountain slopes, having the right equipment is essential. Your snowmobile is only as good as the sum of its parts, and one crucial element of this equation is often overlooked – your running boards. Pin'd Performance's EMX ASCENDER is here to change that, offering a game-changing solution for Arctic Cat ProClimb/ProCross Snowmobiles and Polaris EVO/Indy Snowmobiles.

**The Importance of Stance**

Everything in snowmobiling starts with your stance. Your feet are the connection between you and your machine, and a solid foundation can make all the difference in your riding experience. Pin'd Performance understands this, and their EMX ASCENDER running board inserts are designed to provide the ultimate combination of performance, durability, and value.

**Precision Milled for Excellence**

EMX ASCENDER running board inserts are crafted from billet aluminum, ensuring top-tier quality and precision. Unlike other aftermarket running boards that require extensive cutting and modifications, these inserts offer a seamless upgrade to your snowmobile, enhancing your riding experience without the hassle.

**Traction Geometry**

Your boots are an investment, and the Pin'd EMX ASCENDER boards are designed to protect them. The exclusive traction pattern is not only gentle on your boots but also provides superior grip, allowing you to confidently navigate challenging terrain. These boards secure your boots without causing damage and effectively evacuate snow and ice.

**No Round Edges**

Slippery and fatiguing round edges are a thing of the past with EMX ASCENDER running board inserts. The boards are flat, providing a consistent and stable landing surface every time you perform your signature moves. Say goodbye to the discomfort of irregular board surfaces.

**Maintain Your Sled's Integrity**

Preserve your snowmobile's structural integrity with EMX ASCENDER. You only need to cut out the inner contour of the EMX board from the stock boards and transfer drill the rivet holes. This ensures that your sled remains in excellent condition while enjoying the benefits of enhanced performance.

**Suspension/Chassis Integration**

EMX ASCENDER running board inserts are not just an upgrade; they are a complete integration with your snowmobile's rear suspension hanger. Stainless steel rivets are included to enhance strength and rigidity, ensuring that your snowmobile is ready for any challenge.

**Fit and Finish**

The Pin'd Performance EMX ASCENDER offers a front-to-rear fit and finish that matches the stock angles and aesthetics of your snowmobile. This ensures that your machine not only performs exceptionally but also looks the part.

**No Question Positioning**

Installing EMX ASCENDER running board inserts is straightforward. Use the four rear holes to align the boards, clamp them in place, and get to drilling and cutting. The design even accommodates those with a few miles on their sled, providing flexibility for a hassle-free installation.

Don't settle for subpar running boards that compromise your snowmobiling experience. Upgrade to Pin'd Performance's EMX ASCENDER and discover a whole new level of control, grip, and comfort on the snow. Whether you're tackling steep slopes, deep powder, or performing your favorite tricks, the EMX ASCENDER running board inserts are your key to a truly exceptional snowmobile adventure.
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