The Omega Rail Brace System: Elevating Alpha to New Heights

The Omega Rail Brace System: Elevating Alpha to New Heights


In the world of rail braces, the Alpha has long been revered as the pinnacle of strength and resilience. Now, with the introduction of the Omega Rail Brace System, the Alpha has finally met its match. This groundbreaking system not only enhances the durability of the rail but also addresses key points of failure that have plagued its predecessors.

Unveiling the Strength:

The Alpha rail braces stand out as the strongest in the market, and the Omega takes this strength to the next level. The front casting integration is a game-changer, virtually eliminating the notorious delamination issue between the casting and the rail extrusion – a common weak point in traditional rail braces.

Omega FI Compatibility Cheat Sheet:

The Omega Rail Brace System is not just about strength; it's also about compatibility and versatility. The strategic milled-out pockets on the backside of the braces reduce weight without compromising material integrity, ensuring that the strength is directed outward to enhance torsional rigidity. This design innovation sets the Omega apart from the rest.

Rear Cutout for Customization:

One of the standout features of the Omega is the rear cutout that seamlessly accepts the Pin'd Rear Coupling Arm. This allows users to create a fully customizable suspension profile, tailoring the system to their specific needs and preferences.

Direct Impact Resilience:

Unlike conventional rail braces that only absorb impact after the rail has flexed, the Omega Rail Brace System takes a proactive approach. The scissor arm through-bolt integration ensures that the Omega absorbs direct impacts, providing superior protection to your Alpha rail.

Torsional Rigidity for Off-Angle Impacts:

Torsional rigidity, or resistance to twist, is a critical factor in rail brace performance. The Omega excels in this aspect, increasing torsional rigidity to handle off-angle impacts – a weakness in the design of the Alpha rail that is now effectively addressed.

Installation Instructions:

The transition from Alpha to Omega is seamless with the provided installation instructions. This patent-pending rail brace system replaces the brackets that the rear scissor arm bolts to or through. By tying everything together, the Omega prevents impacts from affecting the Alpha rail and introduces torsional rigidity to combat twisting forces.

Included in the Omega Rail Brace System are the left and right Omega braces, zinc-plated rivets, a replacement rubber bumper, and the optional Through-bolt Upgrade Kit. For models without the updated through bolt (2019 & 2020), it is highly recommended to order the upgrade kit, featuring a stronger bolt than Arctic Cat's standard.


In the realm of rail braces, the Alpha has found its perfect complement in the Omega Rail Brace System. With its innovative design, strength, and resilience, the Omega sets a new standard for rail brace systems. Upgrade your Alpha today and experience the ultimate in rail protection and performance. The Alpha finally got its Omega – the perfect union of strength and sophistication.
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