Welcome White Knuckle Riders. 


  • Can we invite other people? yes, you can bring whoever you like on the rides, there is no guarantee any of there footage will make it into the film, but certainly want to keep this a community feel.
  • How much film time will I get? This will be at the discretion of myself (Kerry cooper) Blair murphy as we covering 100% percent of cost of this film.
  • Can I advertise for my sponsors? this is not a sled video, its a film and your welcome to advertise on your sleds and gear for your sponsors but we will be avoiding sponsor plugs, as of right now, we will discuss further with the final selection group. 
  • Who pays for the trips? If your planning on joining on specific film dates, you will be expected to cover your way to and from the film destination. 
  • What do I get for being filmed? You will get the opportunity to validate your riding capabilities to the world and have something you can show your family and friends for years to come.
  • Why should I do it for free? I (Kerry cooper) and Blair murphy are paying for this film, not looking to profit from this, but give exposure to a riding demographic that deserves it. If you think we are looking to profit off your backs, then you probably do not share our vision and passion. You can use your exposure the film gives you to get whatever you so choose in the coming season. 
  • Who else has been invited? This will be revealed to everyone who accepts the initial invite. We are not looking to leverage any one person's popularity to draw others in, we want riders passionate to be involved based on the merits of the film/project.
  • Can I have input on the film? Everyone involved will be able to provide input, but how the film is edited and delivered will be at the discretion of khaotic media.
  • What if i cannot make the film dates? there are alot of moving parts involved in this, so once we lay the dates for ride locations, it will be your responsibility to commit the time if you want screen time. 
  • What are you expecting me to do? we have selected many riders with many qualities in there riding abilities, we are not expecting you to do anything that your not going to go do anyways, ride hard, have fun and we will do our best to capture it on film. 
  • What is the film about? to be revealed in detail to riders who have accepted initial invite on november 15th, 2023.